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Targeted Acquisition Services
No cost or obligation service reduces your cost of pharmacy acquisitions allowing more funds to be available for growth. We do the leg work, in a confidential manner, at our expense.

Acquisition Valuations
Retail and Specialty Pharmacy Business Valuations for independent pharmacy locations.

Portfolio Asset Valuations  
The value of a portfolio of pharmacy assets/locations may exceed the value of the individual assets in the group because of operating cost efficiencies, synergies of management, or overall attractiveness. When making a decision regarding expanding a pharmacy chain, or when pursuing financing for multiple acquisitions it is important to know how the decision affects the corporation’s portfolio value.

Loan/Investment Compliance Valuations
Lenders, and equity investors, require comprehensive company reviews allowing them to monitor and control risks in order to reduce potential financial losses, or to take prompt corrective action before the soundness of the loan/investment becomes a serious issue.

Small Pharmacy Chain Funding Program – up to $100 million/transaction:
Expand your pharmacy business, negotiating power, and profits through growth by acquiring multiple pharmacies in smaller communities not targeted by the major chains. Currently there are many opportunities and a funding program is available to assist the small and regional chains with these opportunities.

Business Loans & Cash Flow Financing
SBA, non-SBA, and Bridge Loans are available for the acquisition of an independent pharmacy, or partner buy-outs. Other funding programs are available to assist in balancing cash flows, equipment leasing, and asset based loans.

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